Our History

In October 1992, a group of families from Roseville Community Preschool (RCP), inspired by the teachings of Bev Bos, worked to found an Elementary School embodying principles of child-centered learning. They sought something more than what public or private schools were offering to their growing children.

Roseville Community School (RCS) was born. RCS created a strong community support of each child’s interest and learning. All parents played a role. RCS began as a K-3 program and gradually expanded to K-6. A growing number of families contributed significant time and energy, making our school what it is today.

One teacher, a shared vision, a trailer, in a fairgrounds dirt patch, idle but for the children’s play, is the unique place RCS . That trailer became our Community Room, and the dirt patch is now our sand yard, filled with trees, a zipline, rope swings, loose parts, and the tree houses children climb into and dream in.

When RCS interviewed Mary Jo, with a Masters of Education from Mills College, they knew the school was going to work. Since 1993, Mary Jo has been a strong advocate, leader, and motivator in shaping the RCS program based on Constructivist Principles of education, focusing on facilitating a child’s understanding through rich, hands-on learning experiences, combined with a multi-age classroom environment. Today, Mary Jo is still passionately teaching the classes and also serves as an Academic Advisor to the Board.

The first Board of Directors was elected by the RCP Board to support the faculty and carry forward the unique philosophy of the program. The Board, faculty and parents work together to run the school. This model has allowed us to ensure a consistent and collaborative program from year to year, and it also gives flexibility to faculty to provide a program that focuses on supporting the children enrolled in each class.

Excellent RCS teachers shared our Progressive Education teaching model, and the program has grown and developed into the RCS we know and love today, because of the dedication of those teachers as well as the many actively involved parents who have come through the program. RCS traditions continue their important role in establishing a community of learners. Our parents, faculty, and alumni serve as a strong community to help support RCS traditions and students’ self-confidence, innovations, and community contributions. RCS continues to grow as a leader in the area of Progressive Education.

In 2018, RCS embraced the changing times by opening our doors as a learning center. While continuing to strength our program of Progressive Education, we are now able to reach out to more families and children who are seeking an alternative education.

Join us in making a difference for children and adults.

We honor our mentor, Bev Bos, recognized nationally and internationally for advocating children's intrinsic motivation to learn, stimulating curiosity, and fostering lifelong learning. In 1992, she inspired and motivated a group of parents to build the "community," Roseville Community School.

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