Heather Miles

Heather Miles - Younger Program Teacher

Heather began on her path as an Early Childhood Educator over 20 years ago. When she was first introduced to the philosophies of Bev Bos. She believes that teaching is a journey she takes with each student, learning with them while working together to create opportunities for meaningful experiences. Heather is passionate about engaging and encouraging the innate wonder and curiosity that each child brings.

Jonna Vance

Jonna Vance - Younger Program Teacher

Jonna was the Roseville Community School (RCS) Business Administrator for over 13 years. Jonna has worn many hats through the years. Her favorite has been the one that builds authentic connections with children. Jonna is teaching in the younger program and leading the Creek Study program.

MaryJo Fleming

Mary Jo Fleming - Upper Program Teacher and Academic Adviser to the Board

Mary Jo joined RCS in 1993. Her guidance and dedication made it possible for RCS to evolve and maintain a strong commitment to children's growth and learning. For Mary Jo, teaching is a calling. She once heard “a calling” described as “where your heart’s desire meets the community’s needs.” Her teaching reflects this deep sense of commitment and creates a classroom filled with excitement and student confidence.

Kristin Myrick

Kristin Myrick - Upper Program Teacher

Kristin strives to create a supportive, safe and welcoming environment for her students. She enjoys challenging and supporting students with high expectations in order to help them reach their fullest potential.


Amber Pearce

Amber Pearce - Administrative Director

Amber has been working alongside RCS teachers, students, and families for six years as a parent, and four years as a member of the Board. She brings a strong belief in the RCS philosophy and the importance of community. Amber serves as a central figure for school administration and communications.

PRogram coordinator

Tai French

Tai French - Program Coordinator

Tai has been serving as the Garden teacher since 2013. She also serves as the Program Coordinator, who brings unique thoughts and skills in planning and applying the RCS framework in a way that helps support the students and teachers. Along with that, Tai also supports parents with their understanding and application of the RCS philosophy.


Kelsey Hall

Kelsey Hall - Fellow and Music Teacher

Kelsey is our first RCS Fellow! How fortunate we are to begin our RCS Fellowship Program with an alumna. Her prior experience as an RCS student will give the Fellowship Program depth and first-hand experience. Kelsey serves as a music teacher. As a seasoned performer, she brings her musical talents and a passion for teaching musical expression. In addition, with her knowledge and experience in an environmental education and being a camp counselor, Kelsey also inspires studies at the Creek Classroom program. She is sharing responsibilities with Heather in the Younger Program including leading Mondays with Creek Study and whole-school singing. On Fridays, Kelsey works with adjunct faculty on Apprenticeships, musical education, and other special unit studies.

support staff

Maggie Wells

Maggie Wells - Financial Business Manager

Maggie has been a part of the RCS family for many years. She serves as our accountant, managing family accounts, and compiling income and expenses.

Tamara Richey

Tamara Richey - Drama Program Coordinator

Tamara is a parent at RCS and alumni faculty. She contributes her talent and skills serving as the Drama Program Coordinator. She also assists students with developmental and integration activities.

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