MaryJo Fleming

Mary Jo - Teacher and Academic Adviser

Mary Jo joined RCS in 1993. Her guidance and dedication made it possible for RCS to evolve and maintain a strong commitment to children's growth and learning. For Mary Jo, teaching is a calling. She once heard “a calling” described as “where your heart’s desire meets the community’s needs.” Her teaching reflects this deep sense of commitment and creates a classroom filled with excitement and student confidence.

Kristin Myrick

Kristin - Upper Program Teacher

Kristin strives to create a supportive, safe and welcoming environment for her students. She enjoys challenging and supporting students with high expectations in order to help them reach their fullest potential.

Julie - Bal-A-Vis-X Specialist

Julie has been involved with RCS since 2004 when her family moved here from Texas to give her daughter the opportunity to attend RCS. She soon found herself as a faculty member learning and growing along side her students. Incorporating a brain/body integration program called Bal-A-Vis-X into her teaching Julie sees her students take on challenges and build confidence both in and outside the classroom. Each child is an individual who brings their own unique gifts to the community!

Reba - Younger Program Teacher

Reba has been working in the early childhood education field for over 20 years. She grew up in a family of Early Childhood Educators, and always knew from a young age that she wanted to be a part of the amazing growth and exploration of young children. She believes in supporting and creating a play based, child-centered classroom, as well as building strong relationships with her students and families.

Reba is passionate about creating a classroom that supports students’ interests, emphasizes learning in a community environment, and provides a place to freely explore, wonder, question and discover. When she is not in the classroom, you can find her working in the garden, discovering new hiking trails and beaches, reading and spending time with her family and pets.

Ana - Upper Program Teacher

Ana comes to​ RCS with a collection of expertise as an educator and experience as a food justice activist and urban gardener. She is passionate about facilitating investigative,hands on learning experiences for curious minds.

Her vision as an educator is to encourage all students to find what they are passionate about. Ana strongly believes that passion is what drives us all and is the fuel in the fire of self-discovery and intrinsic learning. She seeks to provide a platform for young people to expand their skills and resources in becoming critical thinkers and effective communicators thus becoming advocates in all areas of their lives.


Amber Pearce

Amber Pearce - Administrative Director

Amber has been working alongside RCS teachers, students, and families for six years as a parent, and four years as a member of the Board. She brings a strong belief in the RCS philosophy and the importance of community. Amber serves as a central figure for school administration and communications.

support staff

Maggie Wells

Maggie Wells - Financial Business Manager

Maggie has been a part of the RCS family for many years. She serves as our accountant, managing family accounts, and compiling income and expenses.

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