MaryJo Fleming

Mary Jo - Math, Changmaker, Upper Class Language Arts Teacher and Academic Adviser

Mary Jo joined RCS in 1993. Her guidance and dedication made it possible for RCS to evolve and maintain a strong commitment to children's growth and learning. For Mary Jo, teaching is a calling. She once heard “a calling” described as “where your heart’s desire meets the community’s needs.” Her teaching reflects this deep sense of commitment and creates a classroom filled with excitement and student confidence.

Kristin Myrick

Kristin - History and Open Play Teacher and Educational Director

Kristin strives to create a supportive, safe and welcoming environment for her students. She enjoys challenging and supporting students with inquiry and project-based curriculum to spark their curiosity and foster a love of learning.

As an Educational Director, Kristin will ensure that our Progressive Education philosophy is applied correctly in the classroom.

Nicole - Kindergarten Teacher

Nicole comes to RCS eager to get messy and play. She has a creative mind and loves art. She loves reading to children and seeing the story unfold before their eyes. Nicole has two children of her own and loves taking them on adventures during their free time.

Julie - Bal-A-Vis-X Specialist and Younger Class Language Arts Teacher

Julie has been involved with RCS since 2004 when her family moved here from Texas to give her daughter the opportunity to attend RCS. She soon found herself as a faculty member learning and growing along side her students. Incorporating a brain/body integration program called Bal-A-Vis-X into her teaching Julie sees her students take on challenges and build confidence both in and outside the classroom. Each child is an individual who brings their own unique gifts to the community!

Tondria - Science, Gardening, and Cooking Teacher

With a lifetime of raising children, and background in early childhood and auditory oral education, Tondria is an avid advocate for Progressive Education.

With the support of her family and husband, she has spent the last 20 years growing their blended family of six, plus a nephew (ages 20 to 2).

She has a strong understanding of how to let a child's naturally curious and creative mind lead them through learning. With thoughtfully guided, child-led, hands-on experiences, she will create space for children to explore the world on their own level.

She is extremely excited to help children discover earth sciences and chemistry through our hands-on gardening and cooking program.

Krystle - Workshop Teacher

Krystal is a compassionate, creative, and dedicated teacher who is committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all students. She strives to make sure that every child's learning style and abilities are addressed.

Cathy - Preschooler Music Movement and Musical STEM Teacher

Cathy has over 20 years of music teaching experience including children with special needs. She focuses on the process of learning not the performance where children and adults can experience the joy and magic of making music while fostering each student's individual musicality, creativity and imagination. Her musical programs allow students to make musical connections that can last a lifetime.


Jie - Administrative Director

Jie has been working alongside RCS teachers, students, and families for three years as a parent and as a member of the Board. She brings a strong belief in the RCS philosophy and the importance of community. Jie serves as a central figure for school administration and communications.

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