MaryJo Fleming

Mary Jo - Mentor and Academic Adviser 

Mary Jo joined RCS in 1993. Her guidance and dedication made it possible for RCS to evolve and maintain a strong commitment to children's growth and learning. For Mary Jo, teaching is a calling.  She once heard “a calling” described as “where your heart’s desire meets the community’s needs.” Her teaching reflects this deep sense of commitment and creates a classroom filled with excitement and student confidence.

Toni - Younger Program Teacher 

Toni is passionate about learning through play and provides young children time to play and explore inside and outside of classrooms.  She also believes the development of social and emotional skills is critically necessary for young children's future success and wellbeing.  Toni emphasis on relationship buildling through time, attention, and connection. 

Beth - Younger Program Teacher 

Beth is excited to bring her experience in authentic relationship building, safe space making, amplifying agency, intentional culture creation, infinite play and agile tools to the community at RCS.  Her goal is to model the joys of being a lifelong learner to the students at RCS with maximum support and minimal interference.

Heather Miles

Heather - Younger Program Teacher

Heather began on her path as an Early Childhood Educator over 20 years ago. When she was first introduced to the philosophies of Bev Bos. She believes that teaching is a journey she takes with each student, learning with them while working together to create opportunities for meaningful experiences. Heather is passionate about engaging and encouraging the innate wonder and curiosity that each child brings.  

Carrie - Younger Program Teacher

Education has been Carrie's focus for as long as she can remember. Her parents were significant role models in guiding her towards progressive education. She worked under Bev Bos at the Roseville Community Preschool.  Carrie has degrees in Masters of Education and ART Therapy program.  As Carrie comes back full circle to RCS her heart is overjoyed to give each individual student room to develop their own path. 

Krystle - Mid Program Teacher

Krystle is a compassionate, creative, and dedicated teacher who is committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all students.  She strives to make sure that every child's learning style and abilities are addressed. 

Kristin Myrick

Kristin - Upper Program Teacher

Kristin strives to create a supportive, safe and welcoming environment for her students. She enjoys challenging and supporting students with inquiry and project-based curriculum to spark their curiosity and foster a love of learning. 

Barb - Gardening and Teacher Assistant

Barb joined the RCS Community when her son Dylan became a 4th grade student back in the 2011-2012 school year. Her love for gardening and the outdoors drew her to our gardening program as it has developed throughout the years.  Barb has built strong relationships within the community.  Students know she is a trusted, patient and kind person they can come to. 


Jie - Administrative Director

Jie has been working alongside RCS teachers, students, and families as a parent and as a member of the Board since Fall 2018.  She brings a strong belief in the RCS philosophy and the importance of community. Jie serves as a central figure for school administration and communications.

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