Social Emotional

Roseville Community School (RCS) places great emphasis on the development of social/emotional awareness and skills. Woven throughout the program are daily opportunities to exercise these skills. Whether it is in making new school rules, holding a class meeting, resolving a conflict on the sand yard, or making new friends during buddy time, the students, teachers and parents all practice living in community and figuring out how to get along.

School Rules: When possible, the students help to decide what the rules of play should be. Teachers or parents intercede in children's activities only when we anticipate that a child might be hurt, hurt someone else, or damage property.

Student Council: Students in the upper class take on greater responsibilities by helping to lead community discussions about games, sandyard rules, giving out permits for forts, and helping to resolve student conflicts.

Class Meetings are held when there are conflicts or concerns that need to be discussed. They are called whenever a student, teacher, or parent feels it is needed.

Conflict Resolution: Children are encouraged to organize their own play, solve their problems, and work both independently and in cooperation with others. Teachers and parents will be a facilitator, offer support, acknowledgement and safety.

Children are expected to use negotiation skills, take responsibility for their words and actions, and be involved in resolving conflict. Through these interactions, children gain a strong voice, are empowered to effect change, and know that their problems are important.

We give the children the space and time to wonder, experiment, and discover.

Buddy Time is a weekly activity that Younger Program students are paired with Upper Program students to play games and/or read together. Both older and younger students look forward to this time, which allows them to get to know each other better, strengthens friendships, and provides an incredible opportunity for mentorship.

Group and team building activities introduce important life skills such as teamwork, creative thinking and cooperation. They are also great for building self-esteem. Through such activities, children learn more about their capabilities and stretch themselves to achieve goals that they may have thought unattainable.

Group and team building activities also help to develop children social skills. Student learn how to communicate, articulate their ideas and compromise with others during the course of a group game.

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