Workshop, Farmer’s Market, Cooking, Art, and many more bring back the best of traditional and mentored learning. We emphasize the purposeful work and skill-building embedded in integrated learning opportunities.

Workshops: Students have access to a variety of tools and odds and ends designed to inspire ideas, and give them more opportunities for risk taking, the key to ingenuity and imagination. Students are exposed to Apprenticeships, with the goal of learning to use the various tools effectively and independently, from vices, screwdrivers and hammers to saws, sanders and drills.

Throughout the year students engage in different projects, some based on their own creative endeavors, and others to support school activities such as making props for the school play. The workshop is also the central location for artist studies and exploring different art mediums, as well as garden instruction.

Students learn about snails by doing, asking questions, and exploring. Building the Snail Circus has become a favorite workshop activity.

Students learn to cook. They are making salsa for the Farmer's Market, and using ingredients primarily found in the school garden.

Students run the Farmer's Market. Each week they harvest, bundle, weigh and measure the seasonal produce, then set up shop to sell their goods. They conduct all of the transactions, managing inventory and tallying up each sale until the market closes.

Students learn to use tools to create art.

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