Garden Classroom

Our garden classroom is a place for students to connect to the natural world while integrating math, science, art, and history as well as practical life skills.

Students work together in farm groups to develop a planting plan for each season. They pick a farm name, design and make a sign for their farm, and choose what to grow and how and when to harvest. The garden harvests are sold in the weekly Farmer's Market or used for cooking workshops or community snacks.

The student run Farmer's Market market allows the school garden to be 100% self-sustainable. It is the only program at school that pays for itself!

The students above are capturing their winter garden observations in their gardening journals.

The garden provides an amazing hands on opportunity to learn about all things bugs: life cycles, pest prevention, host plants, and pollination!

A student found treasure of the day in the garden - a praying mantis with it's wings out.

Each bug discovery is a Eureka moment! Can you see the itty bitty caterpillar on that green tomato? Garden insects provide the perfect opportunity to learn life long study skills of looking, finding, identifying, and studying!

The garden program allows students to actively participate in the whole farm to fork process: plant, care for, harvest, clean, prepare, eat, and/or sell.

To the left- A planting plan.

To the middle - The execution of the plan.

To the right - The realization of the plan!

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