Our Philosophy

We believe that effective learning addresses the combined intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of the child. Active learning is central to our philosophy. While we work to give children of all ages repeated opportunities to interact with their physical and social environment, we feel that it is the children themselves who ultimately accept the responsibility to gain an understanding of their world. As educators, we facilitate and guide this process by the questions we ask, the goals we set, the information and experiences we provide, the environment we create, and the behavior we model.

Learning occurs when children develop problem-solving skills and become active agents in their own education. We also believe that each child learns as an individual. Our challenge is to build on the child's innate desire to learn. To do this, Roseville Community Shool (RCS) provides a climate where children are encouraged to make full use of their senses, feelings, and minds.

Poem "My School"

Our Principles

  • Each child is unique

  • Positive self-esteem is essential to the learning process

  • Children must perceive that their thoughts, feelings, emotions and skills are acknowledged and respected

  • Play is vital to a child's learning and self-expression

  • Through repeated experiences and mastery, children develop competence and confidence which contributes to their motivation for learning

  • For educational experiences to be meaningful, they must be adapted to the individual needs of each child

  • Independent learning skills are internalized when children have the opportunity to make choices and to set their own goals

  • Planning for appropriate learning experiences is based on careful observation of children’s interests and behavior

  • Education is an on-going process that involves the teachers, the child, and the parents

Our Programs

Our students are involved in peer problem-solving, interpersonal communications, negotiation, and the recognition of different points of view as a part of their everyday program. You're welcome to schedule a tour to learn more about our programs.

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