Monday Programs

Fall 2021

september 13 - december 13

Kitchen chemistry

9AM - 11AM

Age: 5-10

$250/Semester + Supply Fee $50

Drop Off: $22/Class + Supply Fee $5

If dancing spaghetti, edible slime, and creating a soda geyser sound like a good time, this is the class for your child. Science is about understanding the natural world by asking questions and finding answers. Food is a fantastic (and delicious) way to explore those questions.

    • This course will incorporate multiple disciplines in the learning experience

    • Cook and create with food while building meaningful connections to scientific concepts

    • Use writing skills to record observations and express ideas

    • Use technology such as thermometers, scales, solar batteries, simple circuit boards to make new discoveries, and be motivated by challenges that encourage curiosity

Musical S.T.E.M

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Age: 5-12

Cost: $250/Semester

  • Inspire students to discover the harmony between music and science

  • Play music games that incorporate STEM

    • Identify patterns in our environment associated with music

    • Explore frequencies and playing songs by "ear"

    • Understand the concept of bending sound by creating activities of bending light

    • Inspire students to invent their own instrument

    • Explore collaboration between music and science

  • Sing camp songs

  • Hands-on projects to help students discover new ways to appreciate the harmony between music and science

open play

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Age: 5-12

$156/semester, $104/semester for each sibling

Drop Off: $15/class

  • Play is vital to a child's learning and self-expression

  • Unstructured and open play environment

  • Natural and safe environment supporting children in approaching risks socially and physically

  • Support with social interactions: perspective taking, problem solving, and working together

Note: To make this program a success, parents will be required to volunteer 1 day per month per family. Schedules will be set in advance for your convenience

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We accept Charter School vouchers as well as personal payments or a combination of the two.

Our approved homeschool charters: Cottonwood, Sequoia Grove Alliance, South Sutter, Horizon, Harvest Rridge, and Sutter Peak.

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