Homeschool Enrichment Program

Roseville Community School (RCS) also offers enrichment programs to support homeschooling families. Currently we only accept Kindergarteners.

Grade: Kindergarten

Cost: $1300 per semester

We accept personal payments as well as vouchers from your homeschool program. If you wish to enroll your child and we are not a vendor of your particular program, we can work together to get on your program's vendor list.

Time: Tuesday to Thursday, 9AM - Noon and/or 12:30PM - 3PM

Program: Children will experience a typical RCS kindergarten day three days a week. They will start their day with outdoor explore, usually in our tree fort, climbing and moving! After outdoor explore, they come together for gathering, a time that is focused on song, movement, poetry and connecting with one another. Children will have an opportunity to engage with other students, exploring the indoor and outdoor classroom through play based learning and hands on activities in areas such as language arts, mathematics and science. They will be able to participate in whole class, small group, partner, and independent activities geared toward giving them opportunities to interact with peers, take risks, build confidence, collaborate, and develop their voice.

Enrollment: We accept a max of six students at this time. If you are interested, please contact us to schedule a tour of the school. We will first set up a time for you to take a tour of the school. You may fill out an application and return along with the one-time $40 registration fee.

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